Discover just how much you can save in utility costs by switching from an energy-efficient (EE) pump to one of our IntelliFlo® VF high performance pumps. In the calculator below, choose:
  1. Your pool size
  2. Dollars per kilowatt hour ($/kWh) you pay for electricity
  3. Horsepower (HP) of your existing pump
  4. Hours each day that your pump runs

Then look below to see just how much you’ll SAVE!

Pool Owner Specifications
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Energy Efficient (EE) Pump
Single Speed
hours/day turns/day $/day $/year
IntelliFlo® VF Pump
Click to learn more about the IntelliFlo® VF,
IntelliFlo VS-3050 and IntelliPro™ VS-3050
hours/day turns/day $/day $/year
The IntelliFlo VS-3050 and IntelliPro™ VS-3050 pumps utilize the same high efficiency motor as the IntelliFlo VF and have the same energy saving potential when properly applied by a pool professional.
Your Savings with the
selected IntelliFlo VF:
    $/day $/year
vs. Current Consumption on Existing Equipment
vs. 1 turn/day on Existing Equipment

Calculations based on system running at 60 feet of total head using an energy-efficient (EE), full rate pool pump.
Yearly savings is based on 365 days/year operation.

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